Top 6 Trends in Business Technology for 2016 that you should know

Technology is disruptive. On one hand opportunities are created, on the other hand existing companies are wiped out completely. This has been the case for companies such as IBM. By ignoring the trend towards personal computers, Bill Gates was able to undercut their market share.Apn

IBM is now history. Microsoft is the leading operating software manufacturer. An awareness of trends in business is fundamental. Just like the way one would take a cautious move to avoid disaster that arise from calamities such as heating or earthquakes, companies need the vital knowledge to be prepared to avoid getting irrelevant In the market.

A trend shows one what is popular. It reveals what services customers want and how they want the services delivered. Bearing this in mind, this article will discuss 6 Business Technology trends that every business should look out for in 2016. Continue reading “Top 6 Trends in Business Technology for 2016 that you should know”


To Anyone Who Wants To Become a Technology Entrepreneur

If this article caught your eye then the names Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Michael Dell mean something to you. A Red carpet welcome is a reserved for dignitaries and Oscar Award Nominees. However, one is amazed at what a country like Nigeria will do to make a successful tech entrepreneur like Bill feel at home. Presidents line up like lemmings to meet them, in the name of philanthropy. Why wouldn’t anyone want to become one?startup

Irrespective of the business you would want to start, whether online based such as carpet cleaning company or affiliate marketing, you need to read this article if you need clear guidelines on where to start. The road has been traveled on before, many have failed, and few have succeeded. The winner takes all as Mark Cuban has been quoted saying. Here is what it takes to be a Tech entrepreneur.

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Benefits of Technology in Business Today

technologyFor any business, investing in technology can bring a lot of advantages. Whether you are providing tangible products like phones or intangible services like limo rentals, incorporating technology in running daily activities can lead to increased profits, streamlined processes and open up new markets. Below are  the benefits of leveraging the use of technology in your business; Continue reading “Benefits of Technology in Business Today”

The Role of Information Technology in Business Success

businessThe success of a Business depends on the ability to execute certain strategies; this influences overall productivity. Innovation is a great way to increase this productivity. Incorporating innovation in business means doing business activities differently, smarter or better thus making a positive difference regarding value, productivity, or quality by using different technological developments of the world. Information technology is, of course, one of the technological advances proving very useful to the execution of business strategies. Information technology implies the study and use of computers and telecommunications for storing, processing, retrieving and sending information. Continue reading “The Role of Information Technology in Business Success”

How to Choose the Right Technology for your Business

social_businessChoosing the right technology to adopt in your business that can fit all your business needs can be tough. There so many technologies you may want to choose from, and you might even end up choosing a technology that will result in additional problems instead of fixing them. Choosing the right technology is a task that requires in-depth considerations, also the time for incorporating the technology into your business needs to be considered so as to impact highly on the growth of your business. The idea of integrating technology in business is based on the it making life easier, increasing productivity, keeping a business organized, and giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. Making the right choice of technology will make your business grow, here is how; Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Technology for your Business”

How to Use Technology to Increase Business Productivity

infosAn organization’s ability to successfully execute its overall strategy substantially forms the bedrock to its accomplishment. Highly productive and engaged human resource team ensures achievement of these defined objectives.  Therefore, execution guarantees a successful business. Nonetheless, all right businesses are interested in increasing productivity. Such interest poses a significant challenge and keeps more businesses focusing on the future rather than enjoying their successes of the present. Continue reading “How to Use Technology to Increase Business Productivity”

Technology Secrets to Build a Small Business

responsive webTechnology today is the backbone of business. Many companies that have embraced technology have strived and those that rejected technology have been left behind. When using technology, one has the tools that are required to improve productivity and enhance workflow. Here are some of the ways a company can utilize technology to build their small businesses and make them grow and look like their big business counterparts. Continue reading “Technology Secrets to Build a Small Business”

How Evolving Technology will Change the Business World

technologyTechnology is expected to impose wrenching impact in the business industry based on the current advancements being experienced within its components. Looking forward to the near future, there’s is no doubt technology will continue to alter dramatically our basic comprehension of how business is conducted.

 Below are a few changes expected in the business world effected by the evolution of technology; Continue reading “How Evolving Technology will Change the Business World”

The use of Social Media Technology for Business

social mediaThe internet is changing the way business interact, engage and sell to the customers. Companies are now improving on their mastery of social technologies and are using them to exploit new markets and opportunities. Traditional methods of marketing to customers such as direct mail or advertising have become less and less efficient. Businesses are today turning to social media to make connections to customers. Social media is now used to push businesses to the next expansion levels. Continue reading “The use of Social Media Technology for Business”

8 Risks of Using Technology in Business

riskInformation technology plays a crucial role in any business that has incorporated it into its daily operations. Tech companies are doing everything possible to make tech systems secure and reliable. Despite the advances in making technological systems risk-proof, they are still vulnerable to some threats. A business fully depended on technology needs to understand these risks so that they can put in place measures to either prevent circumstances that could make such threats real,  or develop mitigation procedures. Continue reading “8 Risks of Using Technology in Business”